Tension Headaches

How a Tallahassee Chiropractor Can Help Free You from Tension Headaches

Few things can stop you in your tracks more effectively than a strong headache. It’s almost impossible to get anything done if you’re currently dealing with a headache. If you are experiencing that kind of problem yourself, the folks over at Magnolia Wellness Center in Tallahassee, Florida, can provide some assistance.

This is especially true if you are suffering from a tension headache.


What Are Tension Headaches?

Even if you’ve never heard of a tension headache before, chances are you’ve experienced it at some point. The pain caused by this type of headache is similar to a “band squeezing the head.” Specifically, this headache can be felt at the front and/or back of your head as well as your neck. It’s also worthwhile to note that there are episodic and chronic variants of this type of headache. Episodic headaches happen less than 15 times per month while the chronic headaches can hit you more than 15 times within a span of 30 days.

You are not alone if you feel as though you have encountered this type of headache in the past. Around 80 percent of adults in the United States are estimated to suffer from tension headaches.

What Causes Tension Headaches?

The exact cause of a tension headache is unclear. However, there are factors that can contribute to you having one.

Stress is believed to be a factor that can cause a tension headache. That could explain why your head tends to hurt when you are having troubles at work.

Muscular tension, especially the kind that affects the area around your neck can also play a significant role in you having a tension headache. For that reason, you may want to seek some help from a chiropractor to address that problem.

How a Chiropractor Can Help with Your Tension Headaches

Considering that a tension headache can emerge due in part to tightness around your neck, a chiropractor can definitely help you address that issue. These trained professionals can provide relief by using cervical manipulation, vertebral realignment, and several other techniques.

If you suffer from chronic tension headaches, it will be worth your time to seek treatment from trained chiropractors. They will be able to help you recover faster from those headaches.

For those who currently reside in Tallahassee, Florida, a visit to the Magnolia Wellness Center can be the secret to finally breaking free from the pain brought about by tension headaches. Give us a call at (850) 656-6606 to set up an appointment today.




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