DR. Raymond L. Verrier

dr. ray Raymond L Verrier,DC

My journey with Chiropractic began far before my completing pre-med at Florida State University in order to meet requirements to enter the prestigious University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. As a young boy living with my parents in Miami, my father often talked about his chiropractor and the supplements he provided my father. He also talked about exercises and weight loss programs they had reviewed together. I would never meet or treat with the family Chiropractor who treated each and every member of the eight from my household. 

However, even to this day some 60 years later, I know his Filipino name and the impact that doctor had on my father's life. Several years later, I started my own family and my wife saw a Chiropractor in Salem,Oregon. I was very impressed with the doctor. At that time, I was teaching children in elementary school. Encouraged by my associates because of my strong attraction to a health benefiting life-style, I returned to Tallahassee where I received my first degree and met the requirements for Chiropractic school. 

With three children and my wife being a stay-at-home mom, the road ahead tested my endurance. I was drawn to the National University of Health Sciences because they had a history of Naturopathic medicine as well as the chiropractic program. The perseverance to continue was well worth the choice. During the years of practice I acquired additional training in Rehabilitation and today I practice with my son in a collaborative, interdiscipline group practice. I have helped and seen over 9,000 Tallahassee residents. Of course, God willing, I plan on seeing many more in the years to come. As a Christian Doctor, my practice has the determination to help people achieve genuine wellness. Over time, the added components of advancement in this health field has added new dimensions to the path of healing for the primary welfare of God's Children.


Graduated from Florida State University (Bachelor of Science) | Graduated from National University of Health Sciences (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor


Florida Chiropractic Association | North Central Florida Chiropractic Association

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