When the head is suddenly jerked back and forth, it can damage the muscles and tendons in the neck. This type of injury is called whiplash. Whiplash can cause long-term complications if it isn't treated, which is why it's important to have your injury diagnosed and treated by a chiropractor. You can get the whiplash treatment you need at Magnolia Wellness Center, LLC in Tallahassee, FL.


What Causes Whiplash?

One of the most common causes of whiplash is car accidents. While whiplash can occur after a serious accident, even minor collisions can lead to whiplash. Other injuries that could potentially cause whiplash include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Falls
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Roller coasters
  • Physical assault

If you've been involved in a car accident, or if your neck has been injured in any way, it's best to see a chiropractor right away. A chiropractor can look for signs of injury and provide treatment.

Common Symptoms of Whiplash

While whiplash symptoms typically appear within 24 hours of injury, some symptoms may occur later on. These symptoms include:

  • Neck pain
  • Swelling or bruising around the neck
  • Difficulty moving your head back and forth
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Numbness and tingling in the shoulders or arms
  • Chronic fatigue

Some patients may also experience memory issues or find it difficult to concentrate. Make sure you bring up any symptoms you've been experiencing to your chiropractor.

How a Chiropractor Treats Whiplash

If whiplash isn't treated, the symptoms may become more severe over time. Chiropractic care can relieve pain, stiffness, and other symptoms while helping your body heal. We will examine your neck and body to look for signs of injury. It's not unusual for the body to sustain other injuries alongside whiplash. We will create a full treatment plan that will help you recover from all of these injuries.

Whiplash can cause the spine to become misaligned. A chiropractor can correct these issues with gentle spinal adjustments. Other treatments, such as soft tissue therapy and rehabilitative exercises can reduce inflammation, restore range of motion, and support the healing process.

The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you will be able to recover, which is why you shouldn't wait to talk to a chiropractor. Getting a diagnosis and treatment early can also help you avoid complications from your injury.

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Not only can whiplash cause pain and discomfort, but it can lead to long-term injuries if it doesn't properly heal. If you suspect that you have whiplash, it's best to see a chiropractor for treatment as soon as possible. Call Magnolia Wellness Center, LLC today at (850) 656-6606.

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