Car Accident Injuries Treated with Chiropractic

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

We at Magnolia Wellness Center, LLC are dedicated to offering the residents in and around Tallahassee, FL, services to help them get relief and healing. A “chiropractor near me” is here to help.


Chiropractic Care for an Auto Accident Injury

We offer different chiropractic services for auto accident injuries. Each patient will be carefully assessed to determine the specific nature of his injury and discover any additional issues that may affect the course of treatment.

We use our training and techniques not only to diagnose but also help treat injuries to help ensure patients get the most beneficial results. Our goal is to provide short-term and ongoing relief that can help improve mobility and reduce pain and stiffness.

What to Expect

After you experience an auto accident injury, it can be useful to make an appointment for a consultation. The faster treatment can begin, the faster we may be able to help you get pain relief. Once you arrive for an appointment, a “chiropractor near me” will collect your medical history and also perform a limited physical examination of the affected area.

This process is important in determining which injuries are affecting you and if there are any underlying conditions to address. The chiropractor will then advise you on a recommended course of treatment.

In cases with auto accident injuries, a chiropractor on our team might want to see you frequently to help you get the results you are looking for. After some time, we may reassess your condition and progress. The course of treatment may then be altered or the frequency of appointments may change.

Get Chiropractic Care from a Chiropractor

Anyone interested in receiving chiropractic treatment for an auto accident injury is encouraged to reach out to us at Magnolia Wellness Center, LLC in Tallahassee, FL, to receive treatment. Feel free to call our clinic to make an appointment or get answers to questions about our range of services.

Our helpful office team can also provide information about new patient intake details. Our goal is to help each person we treat get the relief they need to resume doing the things they enjoy and help them improve their quality of life. Call us at (850) 656-6606 for chiropractic care from a “chiropractor near me.”

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