Marvelous care! That's been my frequent experience with the doctors and staff at Magnolia Wellness Center. I've been impressed with their consistent blend of professional competence and personal warmth. **My lower back and other issues clearly have improved since coming here. **I'm deeply grateful to them!

    Brother Rahl Bunsa, BH

    I "I was referred to Dr. Verrier by a friend several years ago. I am a professor at FSU yet I have other obligations at FSU as well. I have been treated by back surgeons in the past and I needed a skilled chiropractor to prevent further surgical intervention. So far I have had good results with his treatments. Yes I do endorse Magnolia Chiropractic."

    Professor Kay Pasley

    "I began visiting with Dr. Verrier approximately 22 years ago, after I had an unpleasant experience with another chiropractor in Tallahassee. My first visit with him involved extreme concerns in the neck/arm region and I was immensely helped by his care. I presently go periodically, as needed. My husband, as well as my two small children and I, highly endorsee him for musculoskeletal treatments."

    Dorothy Allen

    “Dr. Ramond Verrier has been treating me for 12 years. As a family therapist, I realize the importance of treating body, soul and sprit. This is what I respect about Dr. Verrier. He understands health and healing at all 3 levels. He is also gifted as a healing practitioner. I am grateful for his care for all these years.”

    Dr. Bob Schuchts

    "I was visiting family in Tallahassee. My knee had been a problem for 6 months and affecting my life. My sister-in-law encouraged me to have Dr. Verrier look at my knee. He diagnosed me treated my knee and back. By the time I got back to Miami I was doing lots better. Witin 2 days I was 90% improved. The doctor told me to follow up with a chiropractor in miami, but to tell you the truth, the are to expensive here. I will wait until I go back to Tallahassee to get futher treatment. Thank you doct

    Rolando Ramos

    "I work very hard at my profession. I am a lawyer and I am also very involved politically, therefore, I have long days and nights, often in and out of cars and such. I have had a few physical setbacks along the way, involving the extremities, ribs and spine. It seems that I can call and get in almost immediately. Dr. Verrier has helped diminish my physical complaints immensely."

    John Hedrick

    “I met Dr. Verrier about 26 years ago when I became his mailman. At the time, and for a number of years, I was seeing another chiropractor who retired, and I switched over to Dr. Verrier. I gotta tell ya that my neck has never been better. I had lost a great deal of my mobility, and as my work is very physically demanding, I was in need of help. Dr. Verrier uses special technique on me, called the Toggle. At any rate, thank you Dr. Verrier for improving the quality of my life."

    Tim Kelly

    "I have known Dr. Verrier as a patient for over 20 years. A year ago I sought his professional care for extreme back pain. I was at the point where I could not get in and out of my car or lay down or get up without extreme pain. Dr. Verrier patiently worked me through the pain until I was pain free. I will be forever grateful and highly recommend Dr. Verrier. He is a people person and is truly concerned about the welfare of his patients."

    Linda Aker-Roberts

    "I have been a patient for over 20 years! I have found him to be patient, a good listener, and a very experienced practitioner who has helped guide me towards better joint health. His adjustments are always effective and I always leave feeling better than when I walked in. His staff is great and I appreciate the flexibility of their scheduling. Dr. Verrier has helped me through acute pain and regular "tune-ups"...I don't know what I'd do without him!"

    Lisa Lazarus

    "I went to Dr. Verrier with severe pain in my arm and neck which turned out to be a herniated disc. After only a few treatments the pain noticeably subsided and now, only a few weeks later, is all but gone. And all this with no drug prescriptions! Kudos to Dr. Verrier who, besides being a remarkable doctor is also a very personable man and a pleasure to speak with. The office staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and the surroundings are comfortable. I'm amazed at the effectiveness of the chirop

    Paul Adams

    "I've had several MVAs from minor fender benders to totaling my car on I-10. I am convinced that the ONLY reason I am relatively pain free is because of the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Ray Verrier. As an RN, I have seen many people with chronic disabling pain from accidents. Consistently, my patients that saw Dr. Verrier did better than those that just saw MDs. That is why when I had my first MVA in January 1990, I decided to go see Dr. Verrier. For better pain free living, go see Dr.

    Ruth Beck

    "I visited Magnolia Chiropractic clinic initially because of an extreme rigidity from years of DJD and stenosis throughout my entire spine and for 30 years I was unable to lie flat in bed or simply pick things up. Its remarkable how adhering to the treatment plan and treating with both with Dr. Raymond and his son Dr. Zachary Verrier with techniques ranging from arthrostim to graston has literally changed my life. Especially with motion in the neck region."

    Dr. David Harding

    "I am an extremely active paramedic working at times long hours. In my line of work at times every muscle in my body needs to be available especially in life saving moments. It is critical that all of me is in balance. So when I met my loving wife, she encouraged me to see Dr. Verrier. I started several years ago and attend presently for maintenance."

    Andy Bowman, Paramedic.

    "I am a small business owner and most of my adult life, a single mom, working closely with children. I have to rely on my physical body to do the necessary work. To avoid drugs in my work I turned to Dr. Verrier over 20 years ago and his care has enabled me to continue to work. My children have visited with him as well."

    Diane Trueworthy, Small Business Owner.

    " I have worked most of my adult life as an engineer and over time I developed wrist, arm, and neck pain along with back pain that affected my work and personal life. My wife had been seeing Dr. Verrier and people she knew saw him as well. I was diagnosed and a treatment program of extremity adjusting, spinal manipulation, traction, electrical stimulators, laser, pin and stretch, core excercise, and supplements over time I received. WOW! It changed my life. I live on a ranch and I bring them egg

    Thomas Kephart, Engineer.

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