Growing Pain Treatment

Growing Pain Treatment Provided by a Tallahassee, FL, Chiropractor

Have you ever heard of growing pains? These are real, and they’re not associated with the emotional changes or life struggles that adolescents go through as they transition into adulthood. They’re an issue that affects the legs as a child gets older, but they don’t happen to all children. If your child is suffering from them, our chiropractor at Magnolia Wellness Center, serving Tallahassee, FL, and the surrounding region, can help. 


What Are Growing Pains?

A child may experience growing pains in their calves, behind the knee, and thighs throughout periods of rapid growth. Your child may have them in both legs, which is most common. They’re more common at night and can cause them to wake up during the night. 

This problem may arise in children with a lower-than-average pain threshold. Sometimes, the cause is a psychological one. 

However, currently, the exact cause isn’t known, but some speculate that it could occur from overusing the muscles during the day as a child runs, jumps, and is active. 

Treating Growing Pains

First of all, our chiropractor will want to determine if the culprit of your little one’s pain is, in fact, growing pains and not another issue like an injury or juvenile arthritis. 

Once we establish the cause, our practitioner may recommend an exercise therapy program for your child. Our chiropractor will then show your child different stretches to perform. They can perform them during the day to help ease the pain at night. 

Besides stretches, we may also recommend your child receive massages. These can ease some of the discomforts. During the massage, a therapist will gently stimulate the soft tissue in the legs. This draws additional blood flow to the area and eases any tight tissue. 

Though these may help your child to an extent, we may also recommend other at-home measures you can take to comfort your little one. For example, giving your child a heating pad to place on the area can help with pain by soothing sore, overused muscles. 

Taking a warm bath before bed can also have a positive effect on growing pains. Some children respond well to being snuggled because it eases their minds, which can cause them to refocus their attention away from the pain. 

Quality Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

Growing pains are only a temporary problem and tend to last around one to two years, but you can help your child remain comfortable throughout this time using chiropractic care from Magnolia Wellness Center, serving Tallahassee, FL, and the nearby region. 

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