Sports Physical

Sports Physical

What is a Sports Physical? 

  A sports physical, known in the medical field as a pre-participation physical examination (PPE), helps to determine whether or not a child (or adult) is physically able to participate in a sport safely. Plus, anyone starting a new exercise routine or sport should always first talk to a healthcare professional, and sports physicals offer an easy way to do so.

Who Needs a Sports Physical?

  Most states require all student athletes to complete a sports physical before participating in any school-sanctioned sport. However, non-student athletes playing in club or recreational sports may also be required to pass a sport physical before they’re eligible to hit the field.

When Should I Get a Sports Physical?

  Like in any sport, timing is very important. Most often, a sports physical must be completed and submitted to the school or coach before your child’s very first practice. However, timing can also depend on the sport, state, or school district.

How long are sports physicals valid?

  Sports physicals are typically valid for one calendar year. However, it’s best to check with your child’s school or league, as some states require a sports physical to be completed before each sports season, even if they fall within the same school year.

Why Do I Need a Sports Physical?

  Sports physicals are largely required by athletic leagues and schools − and for good reason. They raise awareness of any issues, like hernias and uncontrolled asthma that may interfere with your ability to participate in a sport. Sports physicals are also a great opportunity to talk to a healthcare professional about ways that your athlete may be prone to injury and suggest tips and exercises that he can do to avoid future problems.

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