When there is a problem with the spine, it can cause problems with many other areas of the body. Scoliosis can contribute to a wide range of health problems. Scoliosis usually develops in children who are at a specific growth stage, and it generally means seeing a chiropractor for back pain and other problems. Chiropractic care for scoliosis is important for many patients. If your child has this condition and needs treatment, call Magnolia Wellness Center at our Tallahassee, FL, office to schedule a time with the chiropractor.


Scoliosis Basics

Scoliosis occurs when the spine has an abnormal curve. The condition generally begins right at the start of puberty when children have a big growth spurt. Over time, scoliosis can get worse and have a more severe curve to the spine A severe case can cause a lot of health complications. Sometimes, a child starts with a mild case that progresses until it becomes moderate to severe. 

The back pain caused by scoliosis can be disabling for many children. A strong curve to the spine can cause the patient to have less space in the chest, which can mean there isn't enough space for the lungs to work properly, which leads to labored breathing. This condition can also cause the rib cage to press on both the lungs and heart and may even interfere with the way the heart pumps blood.

Causes of Scoliosis in Children

This condition can be genetic for some patients, and they may develop it simply because there is a family history of it. Sometimes, a neuromuscular condition can cause it. These include spinal defects, cerebral palsy, spinal injuries, and more. Scoliosis starts just before adolescence begins and can cause pain and other problems throughout puberty. About 3% of adolescents get this condition, and both boys and girls can develop it. Severe scoliosis is usually found in girls. 

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