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Nerve Conduction Studies Explained by Our Chiropractic Professionals in Tallahassee, FL

The nerves in your body are responsible for relaying sensations from your muscles to your brain and back. Most of the time, they do their job very well. However, in some cases, your nerves may not be functioning properly. When our chiropractor here at Magnolia Wellness Center in Tallahassee suspects that, we may order nerve conduction studies.

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What are Nerve Conduction Studies?

Nerve conduction studies are used to measure how fast the message moves up or down the nerve in question. This information can be used to help determine whether the nerve is damaged. If you have problems with chronic numbness, tingling, or both, chances are good that you will have a nerve conduction study performed at some point in the diagnostic process.

The process is very simple: electrodes are attached to your skin over the area where the symptoms are located, and a mild electrical impulse is sent through one of them. The other electrodes pick up the signal, and how long it takes them to do so tells the doctor how fast your nerves in the area are transmitting information. It is usually not particularly uncomfortable.

How Do Nerve Conduction Studies Help?

The results of nerve conduction studies help our chiropractor and other doctors make a proper diagnosis, which is essential for effective treatment. The results of the test can point the doctor in the direction of a nerve condition or can help them rule out your nerves as a cause of the problem. If you have had a previous nerve injury, the results can also tell our doctor how well your nerves are recovering.

If there is an obvious potential cause of problems in the area where the test shows damaged nerves, treatment may be started immediately. However, nerve conduction studies do not explain what the root of the problem is, only that there is an issue with your nerves. Our doctor may require information from additional tests in some cases.

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If you are dealing with numbness, tingling, persistent soreness, or other symptoms that may be related to your nerves, our chiropractor here at Magnolia Wellness Center may ask you to undergo a nerve conduction study. The procedure is simple and easy, and it can give us some valuable information. Effective treatment depends on having an accurate diagnosis, and this is one way that we can determine the cause of your problems. To make an appointment at our Tallahassee office, call us at (850) 656-6606 today!

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